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We are adding to our links page every day.  We have almost 100 links and over 140 Cub Scout Packs on our links pages.  If you would like to have your page listed please E mail me at  and we will add your link to our growing list.  Thank you for visiting.


Scout Organizations


           Boy Scouts of America - BSA - National Council

           Norwela Council

           BSA Councils

           ScoutingSpider by the Global ScoutNet

           The NetWoods Virtual Campsite

           The Mac Scouter



           SCOUTER Home Page

           Yahoo scouting directory

           Scouting Online -


           The Virtual Cub Scout Leader's Handbook

           Pow Wow OnLine

           Scouting History and Traditions

           The Baden-Powell Scouts Association of Ireland


Scouting Information


          Bobcat Badge

          Boy Scout Requirements

          The Ceremony Table

          Cub Scouts - Pinewood Derby

          Cub Scout Roundtable Home Page

          Scoutmaster Resources

          The Virtual Cub Scout Leader's Handbook

          Blue & Golds

          Cub Scout.Net Games Page!

          Activity Pages

          Campfire Magic

          The Great Games Resource


Pine Wood Derby   


         Pinewood Derby

         Derby Assistant

         RaceVIEW Pinewood Derby Manager Software

         Pine Pro Competition Components 

         Jay's Pinewood Derby Page

         Yahoo! Pinewood Derbies





          Songbook - A Scout Song Book

          Songs for Scouts

          Welcome to Becky's Campfire Songbook!

          Grant O'Neil's Scouting Songbook

          Scout Song Book

          Songs for Guides and Scouts

          Campfire Song Book - indexed by style

          Campfire Song Book - indexed by title

          The Flying Pig Campfire Song Book

          Scouting Songbook

          Songs for Scouts





         SKITS - Meeting Dazzlers For The Cub Scout Leader

         Skits for Scouts

         Anthology of Pow Wow Skits

         Skits - Part 1 

         Skits - Part 2

         Skits - Part 3

         Skits - Part 4

         Skits - Part 5


Web Rings and Link Pages


         The Cub Scout Webring !

         Cub Scout Pages on the Web

         Scouting Links
 Resources for Scouts and Scouters


US Federal Government



        GOVBOT - Government search engine

         White House Offices and Agencies

        Federal Agencies and Commissions

        The Legislative Branch

        The Judicial Branch

        Interactive Citizen's Handbook Your Guide to the U.S. Government

        USIA, The United States Information Agency Homepage





        Official Boy Scouts of America Clipart Disks

        Scouting Clipart Resources

        Scout Image - ClipArt about Scouting

        Steve's Cub Scout Clip Art & Links

        Badges/Pictures (ZIP)

        Position Patches (ZIP)

        Numbers (ZIP)


Weather Services


        National Hurricane Center

        National Hurricane Center - Print Tracking Chart

        Hurricane Tracking Software

        TWC - Weather Maps

        TWC - Hurricane (tropical Storms)

        TWC - Atlantic Satellite

        Yahoo Weather

        Yahoo Weather - Links




      Expedia Maps - Lowery

      domestic and foreign city maps

      US Census Tiger Map Server!

      The TerraServer User's Guide - Lowery - 1988




         Clare's Page of This and That

         Cooking for Scouts and Scouters

         The Pope's Place



Most of these links are NOT official Boy Scouts of America sites. The only official pages clearly state that they ARE official. These are simply places where I have found interesting and/or useful information relating to Cub Scouting and Scouting in general. These links were functional as of the most recent update of this site, and will be periodically checked. If you find a dead link, please let me know so that I can remove it. If you know of any good links, write me at: and tell me. I will check them out and post them if I agree with you. The links are not in order of preference.  The links on this website do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of this sites owners.  External links on this site are provided for reference and we are not responsible in any manner for the content of those pages.  The information on this site is kept up to date on a regular basis and is subject to change without notice.  Please contact the site owners to verify information of a timely nature.  Please use these resources in a reasonable and responsible manner.