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    We have received an award for our web page design.  In the world of the internet there are so many awards and we have added our own to the list.  To the best of our knowledge this is the only award given to Cub Scout sights by a cub scout sight.  We are not experts at HTML or Web Page design nor are we graphic artists but we believe in the advancement of scouting on the world wide web.  This is why we feel that it is time of this type of award.      


We have came up with these guide lines for our award.

1.  It is a Cub Scout sight.  It can be a home page of any group that charters a Cub Scout Pack.

2.  Pleasing to the eye. The use of scouting colors and colors used in badges will be a plus.

3.  The sight must reflect well on Scouting.

4.  We like to see pictures of the scouts and the stuff they do, so load time is not important to us.

5.  The sight need to be easy to navigate, children may be using it.

6.  We will look for your sight using several search engines, we will need to be able to find it on one of them.  This shows that you care about the growth of scouting and you unit.

7.   We will not consider your sight if we find any of the following :

        a.  Copy right infringement :  You must give credit for any work that is not your own.  

        b.  Broken links: We want to be able to follow links on the page.  We will not count links to packs.      

        c.  Any racist, sexist, or any other discriminatory material.  This does not reflect well on Scouting.


Please submit your sight only once unless you have made major changes.  We will not award every sight this award but keep trying.  We will give you a response as soon as possible.


Submit your sight.      Winners Links Page