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Tiger Cubs BSA

Tiger Cubs BSA is a simple and fun program for first-grade boys and their families. The Tiger Cub program introduces boys and their adult partners to the excitement of Cub Scouting as they "Search, Discover, and Share" together.

The Tiger Cub program is conducted on two levels. First, the Tiger Cub and his adult partner meet in the home to conduct activities for the whole family. Second, the Tiger Cub and his adult partner meet twice a month with other Tiger Cubs and adult partners in the den, using the planned "big idea" (or theme) for their activity during one of the meetings. Each den meeting is hosted by a Tiger Cub-adult partner team.

Tiger Cubs BSA follows a school-year cycle. Boys remain in the Tiger Cub program until they complete first grade. At that time, they graduate into a Cub Scout den and are eligible to participate in Cub Scout summer activities, including Cub Scout day camp.

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I promise to love God,
my family, and my country,
and to learn about the world.


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Search, Discover, Share!


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1. Orange tiger shirt

2. Packet with Tiger book and paws inside (usually retails at around $3.75). 

Paws are to be ironed on as they earn them.

Ordering Ideas:  You can order your shirts through JcPenney's (Scouting catalog) or the BSA 2000 catalog


Parents must be present at all Tiger events. Perfect bonding time!



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Keeping the den together!
Going to Leader meetings and letting your den know what happened at it, upcoming events, etc.
Ordering the end of year awards, patches, pins, etc.

Some suggestions:

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Make a list of the Big Ideas in the book, and have each parent sign up for a Big Idea (which earns them a paw).  Have them pick the month of the Idea.

The parent that is responsible for the Idea picks the day and time of the meeting. Also, have them be responsible for notifying the parents when the meeting will be held, and the snack.

This brings us to the next suggestion, make a phone roster of all the Tiger parents and hand them out to everyone. This gives the numbers required to call for the meetings.

Meetings to earn paws, do not necessarily have to be sit down meetings. To earn paws, you can go to a fire station, museum, duck pond, hike, etc. 

Make it as fun as possible.

Once they graduate they will get the following patches:

This is to be worn on their Cub Scout uniform below the right pocket.

These are more of a keepsake.


Then it is time to teach them there Cub Scout Promise: