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We would like to thank you for visiting our home page.  We  have twenty pages of scouting information and we have many useful links to sights for Songs, Cub Scouting Packs.  We have added a resource center with over 100 links for scouting information.  Some of your new features are links to over 80 Cub Scout packs, our Who is Akela page ( I got the idea from another cub scout pack but lost the pack number). Some of our pages takes a while to load but they are full of information not a bunch of graphics, so if it takes a while to load we hope you are ready to learn a lot.   We would like to have you sign our guest book  ( on the Xoom Counter at the bottom of this page ) so we know you were here.  If you have any ideas for the page please E- Mail us at with the link below.

Thank you, Cub Scouts of Pack 109   

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All of our Scout Clip Art except for the World Crest is from 

Library Central's  BSA. Clip Art

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